With ActivMan, you can see all your assets in one view. We can now store the information much better than in Excel. It also gives us an idea of how investments affect the burden of expenses in future. I didn't need to consult the help desk much but whenever I did, I got quick and good support.

As a housing corporation, we have to maintain a fiscal valuation as per the 'Vaststellingsovereenkomst' (determination agreement). All we need for this valuation, with information at house level, can be calculated with ActivMan. The standard reports are excellent. Whenever we need a specific report, this is created in collaboration with the account manager. For us, ActivMan is an excellent tool in addition to our branch-specific software.

F. Falkmann, Welbions, Hengelo

ActivMan was the only package that met our requirements: multi company, multiple depreciation systems and a tool to set up our rental system. Within our company, ActivMan has replaced a multitude of Excel models. This saves us a whole lot of time and the likelihood of errors is substantially reduced. The link with our accounting package runs well.

Previously, we used Excel, but this wasn't really feasible. We searched for a package to manage the assets, depreciate them in a precise manner and maintain their history. With the press of a button, we can also see the depreciations for next year. The fact that we can put the investment budget next to it was the decisive factor for us in choosing this package.

With ActivMan, we can quickly and easily print overviews and view the value of assets on a specific date. This gives insight in the way depreciations develop. One can also add a prognosis.
It doesn't look very modern graphically, but it really gives you everything you need to get out of it and that's what counts. Working with the package is easy and, with Excel out of the way, errors are history.
ActivMan really lives up to our expectations.

Mr. J. Schaddelee, Broekman Group, Rotterdam

Previously, we worked with Excel, but this was way too cumbersome. For us, working with ActivMan means, in short: much more overview in much less time. The reporting capabilities of ActivMan are good and flexible. After my two day training, I am even more aware of the capabilities of the software and we gladly make use of that.

Our IT department has alerted us to ActivMan. The thing that appealed to me immediately was the flexibility and user-friendliness of the program. The system can generate reports in various ways and it contains a lot of smart functions. During the implementation phase, the help desk was very quick and adequate with its support. We didn't need much time to familiarize ourselves with the package.

Mr. I. de Wilde, Elopak, Terneuzen

One has to acquaint oneself with the program first, but after that it's quite satisfying. In order to create reports for future depreciations, I just let the program do the work. I don't have to do the calculations myself anymore, ActivMan does it accurately, to the penny. Whenever I needed assistance from the help desk, I got an answer almost immediately, from a staff member who knew his business.

In ActivMan you can bend things to make it fit into the structure of the automated system. And the major advantage over the use of Excel is that you need to enter the data only once and the program calculates everything, to the penny and at any time you want. It works fast and there's no room for errors in the calculation.
The help desk really listens to your questions, which is comforting

ActivMan is a clear program, and it's easy to use. The biggest advantage is the time gain. We don't need to do anything anymore to maintain the depreciations. We used to do all this ourselves in Excel. Furthermore, with ActivMan we can easily print out the performance figures at the end of the financial year, which is needed for our Sweden-based parent company's end-of-period calculations. We're not using the report generator that much yet, but that will surely change as soon as we've taken the 1-day course.

Mrs. A. Cloots, Hennes & Mauritz, Belgium

Excel was no longer manageable with so many data. In order to really map our assets, we went looking for a package designed for this particular purpose, and we are happy with the reports it generates. Since we didn't give ourselves much time to examine all the reporting possibilities, we asked McHil to build a number of reports for us, and we are using these every month with a great deal of satisfaction. The coupling with Exact works perfectly!

Mrs. M.K. de Zeeuw, Deltion college Zwolle

Thanks to ActivMan, we can now have not only business documents, but also official documents required by the tax authorities. Previously, we always had to prepare these documents separately. It's easy to make changes. For example, if you initially enter something as an investment, you can still convert it into an expense later on. The program takes care of the proper calculation and that is the biggest advantage for us: a better picture of our assets.

ActivMan generates clear reports with the information you need. Just a couple of A-4 size pages, rather than boatloads of paper with data.

Mrs. H. van Engelenburg, Coöperatie de Valk Wekerom

We searched for an asset module on the internet, since the data we had became too extensive to be handled in Excel. We found ActivMan and are amazed at what one can get out of it. The reporting possibilities are infinite, since you can adjust everything to your own preference. It's a user-friendly package. ActivMan ensures speed and accuracy, so that we always have the right figures with us.

Before the arrival of ActivMan, the asset administration was done in Excel, which became practically unmanageable. For example, we could only deal with one type of depreciation. Now, it is relatively easy to apply different types of depreciation, so that we can comply with the demands and requirements of our organizations and accountants. The reporting possibilities of the package are extensive. Apart from using existing reports, you can assemble your own reports. This enables you to look at your assets from various angles. Actually, all variables can be accessed again via reports. A user-friendly package with macros that enables you to easily execute repetitive actions. And when we occasionally have a question, the help desk is very quick with answers.

Mr. F.N.M. van den Hoek, Teva Pharmachemie, Haarlem

ActivMan appeals to us because it is a separate module and because it is a database. The data are now protected; in Excel, making an incorrect modification is just too easy.

ActivMan is a user-friendly program, with which the required information can be retrieved easily. A major advantage is the easy determination of different types of investments. The asset module of our financial software was less accessible and although Excel is a beautiful calculation program, for asset management it's rather error-prone, since it requires quite a lot of data maintenance.

Mr. R. Jansen Ketelaars, Royal A-ware, Culemborg

As the asset module of our financial software package did not suit our reporting needs, we went looking for a different solution. We searched for software that could work together with our financial software, and we came across ActivMan. ActivMan offers the flexibility we need. In the old system, for example, we could not determine when a depreciation should start. With ActivMan, however, you can do all this. The reporting possibilities are also good. You can really get it to do what you want. We used to make a lot of budget reports in Excel, and for that we had to manually copy many figures. That's history now, so we are saving time. Just as with the end-of-period processes. This used to take us a day; with ActivMan, it's just 30 minutes.

Mrs. I. Gabriels, Thetford B.V., Etten-Leur